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General Description: This unit, by using a special side wall, rear frame corner fitting, header and rear sill design, and without compromising compliance with ISO 1496-I standard strength requirements, offers inside width, door opening height and cargo capacity unequaled by any other 2.55m x 9.5ft x 45ft conventional construction steel container.


External mm ft-in
Length 13,716 45' 0"
Width 2,550 8' 4 3/8"
Height 2,896 9' -6"
Length 13,579 44' -6 5/8"
Width 2,486 8'-1 7/8"
Height 2,719 8'-11"
Door Opening    
Width 2,452 8'-0 1/2"
Height 2,661 8'-4 3/4"

Cubic Capacity:

Cube 91.75 m3 3,240 cu. ft.



Est. Tare Weight 5,300 kg (+/-3%) 11,685 lbs (+/-3%)
Max. Gross Weight - 30,480 kg 67,200 lbs


Pallet Loading (33) EuroPallets (0.8m x 1.2m)
(26) UK Pallets (1.0m x 1.2m)
(26) US Pallets (40" x 48")
Certifications Unit is certified by TIR, CSC, and UIC 596-4.
Corner Fittings 8 Castings top and bottom at both the 45' ends and 40' intermediate locations.
Stacking Capability Six high, loaded, when stacked on the end frames and fittings at the 45' locations. Three high, loaded, when stacked above a container with only 8 ft x 40 ft stacking locations.
Top Lifting Spreader lifting at either the 45ft end or 40ft intermediate fittings.
Grappler Arm Lifting Grappler pockets and protector plates provided as per ISO 1496-I ANNEX D make the Geo suitable for European railroad handling.
Sling Lifting Apertures provided as per UIC 592-4 STD.
Chasis Compatibility GeoContainer fits on any standard 45' straight frame chassis (or flatbed trailer). It is also suitable for carriage on 45' gooseneck chassis with either the American (30" - 36") or European (1.6m) standard kingpin settings. On S3M's unique SolChassis, the loaded Geo stays within the EC 4.0m overall height limitation.
Intended Operation The GeoContainer is suitable for deepsea marine, short sea, ferry, ro/ro and road/rail operation.
Other Specifications More detailed specifications available upon request.

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