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Aluminum GeoContainer Specifications

General Description: The unit is pre-painted white aluminum smoothside construction with lifting and stacking capability at the 45' ends. The Geo can comfortably carry a full load of (33) EuroPallets (0.8m x 1.2m), and meet the EC 4.0m overall height restriction when loaded on a Solomon Tri-Modal (S3M) SolChassis. Aluminum S3M Geos currently in inventory were built prior to the cut-off date for the ETC Directive 96/53/EC banning 45' containers from European roads (or road traffic).


External m ft-in
Length 13.716m 45' 0"
Width 2.55m 100 3/8"
Height 2.896m 9' 6"
Length 13.573m 44' 6 3/8"
Width 2.488m 98"
Height 2.717m 107"
Door Opening    
Width 2.458m 96 3/4"
Height 2.661m 104 3/4"

Cubic Capacity:

Cube 91.75cu.m 3,243 cu. ft.



Tare Weight - 4,248 kg +/-3% 9,365 lbs +/-3%
Max. Gross Weight - 30,480 kg 67,200 lbs


Pallet Loading (33) EuroPallets (0.8m x 1.2m)
(26) UK Pallets (1.0m x 1.2m)
(26) US Pallets (40" x 48")
Certifications & Approvals The Geo meets or exceeds all requirements for ISO marine containers, TIR, CSC, TCT and UIC 596-4. Approved by Novatrans and CNC / Code S.375-C.375.
Stacking Capability Six high loaded at the 45' endframes. Also stacks on top of a 40' ISO box.
Castings Top ISO aperatures at the 45' locations only. Bottom fittings at both the 45' locations and the standard 40' locations.
Grappler Pockets Grappler pockets & protector plates as per ISO 1496-1 ANNEX D make the Geo suitable for European railroad handling.
Lifting Capability Conventional ISO spreader at the 45' locations, and European rail grappler arms.
Exterior Pre-painted white, smoothside aluminum sheet and post construction with one sheet aluminum roof.
Interior Full height plywood lining. Laminated hardwood floors. No intrusions into the interior space from side posts, header or upper corner castings of conventional intermediate frames.
Chassis Compatibility This container fits any 45 ft. standard ISO gooseneck and straight frame chassis in North America, as well as, in Europe, where its extended length tunnel will also fit the long goosenecks having the European 1.6m kingpin setting. On S3M's unique SolChassis, the loaded Geo stays within the EC 4.0m overall height limitation.
Intended Operation The GeoContainer is suitable for deepsea marine, short sea, ferry, ro/ro and road/rail operation.
Other Specifications More detailed specificagtions available upon request.

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