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        The GeoContainer to the Rescue!

Importers, Exporters, Shippers – Are you suffering from the large cost and operational burden of transloading your marine containers into domestic equipment in order to palletize your freight for efficient distribution throughout the end-market?  Are you forced to unnecessarily warehouse your products mid-journey from factory to destination?  Are you tired of accruing a lost pit of money for in-transit product damage, theft and pilferage due to unnecessary handling?  Are you frustrated by special charges for “over-size” cargoes that aren’t really over-sized?

If so, then read on about how the GeoContainer solves your problems!

As you will see by exploring the pages of our website, the many advantages of using the GeoContainer include…

* Up-to 36% increased cargo capacity!
* Dramatically reduced in-transit costs for handling and loss! 
* Improved protection for over-size cargo!
* And many other logistical benefits.

For more information on how you can use the GeoContainer and how it might benefit your logistics program, contact us today…