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     Sol Katz

Professional Experience

Creator, innovator and developer of groundbreaking transportation concepts, organizations and systems.

Solomon Tri-Modal, Inc.  - Fairless Hills, PA.  Transportation equipment lessor in the marine container and European trailer industries

Strick Companies - Fairless Hills, PA.  Manufacturer and lessor of truck trailers, containers and chassis used in freight transportation.

Owner, Founder and Chairman, Strick Lease, Inc. - Originated the highway trailer leasing company industry and built operations into a major component of an important worldwide business. Highway and intermodal equipment leasing company built to 50,000 units and 40 branches, eventually sold to XTRA Corporation, Boston, MA, and now owned by Berkshire-Hathaway.  1978 - 1992

Owner, Distribution International Corporation - Holding company for all the Strick operations.  1973 - 1990
            Chairman - 1973 - 1992

Strick Corporation - Manufacturing subsidiary.  A leading company in the transportation equipment manufacturing of the world. Strick Corporation was instrumental in the establishment of manufacturing facilities by means of license agreements with Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Japan as well as ownership in Mexico and Israel. Averaged between second and fifth largest in the industry over the years. Strick Corporation under Mr. Katz's leadership researched, experimented and undertook the implementation and introduction of the intermodal container into the worldwide transportation system..
            Principal Owner - 1965 - 1992
            President - 1956 - 1964
            Sales Director - 1949 - 1956

Transport International Pool (TIP) - Fairless Hills, PA - Highway trailer lessor with branches throughout the US and Europe.  TIP was eventually sold to Gelco, Eden Prarie, MN and is now owned by General Electric Credit Corporation (GECC).
        Owner, Founder and Chairman - 1963-1972

Integrated Container Services (ICS) - New York, NY - Co-founded the first international marine container lessor.  ICS was subsequently sold to Interway and is now a part of Transamerica Leasing, Inc.  1968-1972

Rentco - Philadelphia, PA - Founded the first major highway trailer lessor when Strick was owned by Fruehauf.  Fruehauf kept Rentco after selling Strick to its management, but eventually sold the company to XTRA Corporation in the mid 1980's.  1956-1963


Career Highlights

1952  - Built the first piggyback trailers for New England Railroad
1953  - Started Trailer Center, the first trailer leasing/rental company
             (Sold to Leaseway in 1955.)
           - Built the first marine container for Malcolm McLean at Pan Atlantic Lines.
             (Later renamed to Sealand)
1965  - Designed and built the Flexivan system (trailer bodies, bogies and
             railcars) used extensively by the New York Central and other railroads.
1967  - Founded Terre, a European provider of railcars and containers now
             known as InterContainer, at a time when intermodal transportation in Europe did not exist.
1969  - Started Iran Overland, a truck line between Iskanderun and Tehran.
1970  - Started MedSpan, the first ro/ro service to the Persian Gulf.
1984  - Introduced the first 48' x 102" piggyback trailer.
1986  - Designed and developed the Strick/Sambre Meuse RailTrailer, a
             bi-modal system.


Chevalier de l'Ordre de l'Economie Nationale, Government of France


Rider College
University of Pennsylvania, leading Pennsylvania medical facility
First Pennsylvania Bank, largest bank in Pennsylvania at the time
Stonehill College Holy Cross Order


Moore School of Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA - Bachelor of Sciences, 1949.