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Summary of Benefits

Geo System Information


45' GeoContainer
Summary of Shipper Benefits

Improves Productivity

The Geo Gives You More Cubic Cargo Carrying Capacity
  • 36% More Cube Than A 40' x 96" x 8'6" High ISO Box
  • 20% More Than A 40' x 96" x 9'6" "High Cube" Container

The Geo Gives You More Floor Space for Pallets
  • Up to 32% More Pallets Than a 40' ISO Box
  • Up to 22% More Than a 45' ISO Box

The Geo Carries Irregular and Oversize Freight Better Than a Flatrack
  • The Wider Inside Width of the Geo (8'2") Can Accommodate Up To an Testimated 70% of All Existing Flatrack Shipments (e.g., 8' Wide Building Materials
  • Because The Geo Is Fully Enclosed, It Protects Your Oversize Freight From Handling Damage, Loss and Pilferage

Reduces Thru-Transit Costs

  • The Geo's Increased Payload Capacity Eliminates The Need For Transloading, Stripping & Stuffing and Speeds Shipment
  • Elimination of Handling Reduces Freight Loss From Damage and Pilferage
  • The Geo's Dimensions Are More Desirable For Domestic Back-Haul Freight Helping to Reduce Port Repositioning Expense.